Twilight of Empire

Twilight of Empire front cover lr 2

World War II ended with the German atom bombing of Washington, D.C. in early 1945. The United States is occupied by the Third Reich from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, and by the Japanese from the Rockies to the Pacific. It is now 1967 and Alaska Territory is embroiled in a war against their occupiers. With the destruction of Tokyo and Berlin, the world is in upheaval. The long Quiet War between former allies has devolved into a fighting war. The Underground Liberation has called for a total uprising and both the Reich and the Empire of Japan more than have their hands full. Both will have to move quickly to prevent the Twilight of Empire.

Incident In Alaska Prefecture


Since the Axis won World War II in early 1945, North America has been divided between the Third Reich and the Empire of Japan. The former allies are now engaged in a Quiet War edging toward violence. In Alaska Prefecture the Japanese Army is perfecting atomic weapons, and the Germans know it.

Neither realizes how strong the Underground Liberation is or how soon it will strike. There is about to be an Incident In Alaska Prefecture.

Treadwell, A Novel of Alaska Territory
Book One of the Gastineau Channel Quartet

Seasoned PinkertonAgent came to Alaska Territory to “box up” captured serial killer Ed Krause –and discovered a network of felons, a saboteur, and most unexpectedly – love!

Illustrated with vintage photos, newspapers, and advertisements of the era.


It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, the only creatureThinker had ever met telepathically was the Inupiaq trying to kill him.


The CSS Magellan’s teams have nearly completed their survey of Kiana whenStoker Payne’s exo-archaeology crew made a discovery on LEVEL SIX that not onlychanged their view of Kiana – it threatened their very existence.


Just when the Kians thought they could live in peace – the Coalition returned, pursued by an even deadlier enemy.

Three Tales of Speculative Contact

TABU – The people of the floating raft city of Concordia are descendants of survivors of a spacecraft that crashed on the predominantly water world of Aquariacenturies before. They end each conversation with, “Until the Return of the Ship!” Finally, a ship has returned, the crew is mostly human, and the Concordians might lose more than they hoped to gain from the contact.

DIPLOMATIC EXCHANGE – Three professionals, two academic and one military, are summoned to witness an experiment – to peer into the 18th Century and view the Founding Fathers. They had no idea they would actually make contact. History may never be the same.

TRAPPERS – After twenty years, fur trapper Caleb Pasco is leaving the mountains for civilization. His plans are changed when he makes contact with something never before seen on Earth – and it wants him.

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