Novels Published by Others and Short Works

Incident in Alaska Prefecture

World War II ended with the atom bombing of Washington, D.C. in early 1945. The Empire of Japan has ceded Alaska Territory to the Imperial Army for weapons research in the“Quiet War” between them and the German Reich. 
The Japanese Empire is secretly building an atomic bomb, and the Germans know it.

Neither realize the true strength of the Liberty Underground.
There is about to be an Incident in Alaska Prefecture.

Published by Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press

Russian Amerika

1987 – Charter captain Grisha Grigorievich, cashiered from the elite Troika Guard a decade earlier is caught in a web of intrigue that violently changes his life and the future of all nine nations of North Amerika.

Published by Baen Books

Alaska Republik

Republic of California Air Force  Lt. Jerry Yamato bailed out of his stricken fighter deep in Interior Alaska and landed in a culture that would forever change his life.

Published by Baen Books

Indian Country

Due to his nuclear submarine experience, Jim Sam was hired to run a construction crew on the first space station built by the indigenous peoples of North America. Despite his Athabascan roots, he encounters distrust and cold shoulders. Love, intrigue, and tragedy await you in Indian Country.

This is a novella published by Pullo Pup Press